Revitalize your home with beautiful hand crafted house numbers that are made right here in Canada. Choose from a variety of borders and colour combinations to accentuate your homes’ character. Our numbers are always contrasting to be visible from the street, non-fading, freeze thaw resistant and durable. We have designed and carved the 5 decorative borders and have a variety of specially designed art glazes to chose from that will accent many homes or businesses.

It takes us around 4-6 weeks to produce the house numbers as they are all hand made to order. The general retail price range is from $90 for a single number and a border to $350 for several numbers with extra combinations.

Unfortunately we do not have the ability to take orders over the internet as of yet because of color choice issues and the indifference of computer screens. You can purchase our Custom Artisan House Numbers through one of our dealers nearest you located in the House number stores area..

*If you are a Home & Garden boutique, Gallery or Store and you would like to sell our house numbers, please e-mail us from the Contact area of this website. Our display panel, sales information and catalogue are $300 plus GST and shipping, which allows you to get the numbers at a wholesale price.

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